About Me

Jason Guo grew up in Minneapolis, MN and completed his B.S. (Biomedical Engineering) with honors (magna cum laude) in 3 years at Northwestern University.

After graduating, Jason worked as a Technical Project Manager at Epic Systems, one of the world’s largest healthcare tech companies, where he developed project management and leadership skills for his academic career.

Jason completed his Ph.D. in Bioengineering at Rice University, where he conducted research in biomaterials and osteochondral tissue engineering in the lab of Dr. Antonios Mikos.

Jason now works as a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he studies chronic fibrosis using cutting-edge molecular biology technologies and computational analyses in the lab of Dr. Michael Longaker.

In his free time, Jason likes to compete in the United States Powerlifting Association, compose ambient electronic music, and spend time with his pet cats (Potato, Chickpea), dog (Lola), and partner (Alejandra).

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