Research Interests

Jason is passionate about every stage of regenerative medicine development, from the investigation of fundamental biological questions to applied research in scaffold fabrication and tissue engineering.

In his academic career, Jason aims to develop biomaterial constructs that recapitulate native biological networks and the spatial organization of tissue. Furthermore, he is interested in “smart”, stimuli-responsive biomaterials that can undergo physical and/or biochemical change in response to spatially defined biological events during tissue regeneration.

As a postdoctoral scholar in the Longaker Lab, Jason investigates the fundamental biological mechanisms that drive chronic fibrotic diseases, using bioinformatics and machine learning-based analyses to model biophysical and biological factors.

As a graduate student in the Mikos Lab, Jason developed click functionalized polymers that provide modular and spatially patterned biochemical cues for bone and cartilage tissue engineering. These polymers have been fabricated as injectable soft hydrogels and 3D printable scaffolds.

Texas Medical Center News: Molecular bait can help hydrogels heal wounds.
Photo by Jeff Fitlow, Rice University.

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